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About Us

Thanks for looking at our product!  I want to thank everyone who has purchased it and all the stores that have started carrying it! In every case the people have been a pleasure to work with and the feedback has been tremendous!  The support from pipe smokers and store owners has been wonderful.  I wanted to use this page to tell you more about the development of Obsidian Pipe Stem oil.   I've been an active pipe smoker for 30+ years.  My uncle, who was really more of a grandpa to me, gave me a pipe when I was 17 because I used to always sniff his and pack it for him.  His favorite pipes were Falcons and I'd unscrew them and clean them for him because I was always fascinated by his pipes since I was very young and because he kept them filthy!  After I started working in tobacco shops, I'd bring him different tobaccos to smoke.  I'd also bring him more expensive pipes but he never smoked them, being content with his Falcons.  As I grew in the hobby, I started collecting English high grades and have basically remained that way for 30 years.  We were both stubborn, just in different ways!

Another way we were different is that I am fastidious about how my pipes are cared for.  I have a whole buffer system set up in the basement with multiple wheels and compounds to keep my pipes in top shape.  I hate oxidation on a pipe stems but I don't really care for Lucite stems and find them too hard.  I was afraid I'd eventually grind the stems down to nubs.  As an estate pipe buyer I was also always shocked at how many collectors come to pipe shows to sell these beautiful pipes with oxidized stems.  As a result, I started researching vulcanite and various ways to keep it nice looking for longer with less work.  After a lot of testing, research, work, more testing, more research, working and even more testing over the course of a few years, I came up with the basis for Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil and I thought it worked pretty well.  I started sending out sample bottles to pipe friends on the internet and gave some to some retailers to try.  I wanted to make sure if I brought a product to market, it had to be beneficial to others the same way it was beneficial to me.  I didn't want to be selling snake oil.  After a few months of use, people started reporting their use and they all came back positive and said "Sell it!"  After working with some people in the industry, I decided to launch it at the 2011 Chicago Pipe Show and the response from the industry has been amazing!  Please feel free to click the email link below and let us know what you think!

In addition to wanting to offer a product its users found valuable, I am to be committed to having it be a company that helps those that can't help themselves - primarily children in impoverished countries.  By contributing 10% or more of our net profits, together we'll be able to help those children get food, drinkable water, education, medicine and malaria nets to keep them safe. In addition, I am working on a project that will include working with several local bike shops to provide free reflective kits for kids bikes when they are brought into the store or sold new.  I am a passionate community cyclist and want kids to enjoy being safe on the roads!  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you!


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